Nelisa Kala is from Port Elizabeth, Southern Africa.


She always had a passion for performance and the arts, and started drama at the age of six, and music at the age of ten.


It became clear from a very tender age that she was a natural entertainer.


The first acting role that sparked her passion for drama was a small role in a junior school production, her flair on stage was noticeable and before long she was cast in numerous roles throughout her schooling career.

She later began public speaking and won several accolades in both school and regional competitions, the most notable being the regional finalist in the AngloAmerican/Sowetan Young Communicator of the Year Awards.

As an ambitious six year old, she always dreamed of being a clown and could have imagined nothing better than dressing up in costume on a daily basis and making people smile. It was only as she got older that she realised these fantasies were in fact an innate need to perform and entertain.

Her great love affair with radio began in her Grade 11 year when a radio presenter at Algoa Fm came to speak to her drama class about careers in radio.


Nelisa loved the idea of all the possibilities and opportunities. After making each of the classmates read through a news bulletin, the radio presenter commented that Nelisa should consider contacting a radio station because she had “a voice for radio”.


 “I must say I was relieved that she said I had a voice for radio, and not a face for it!”


However, her decision to join radio did not stem from this chance visit, although it did open her eyes.
It was only a few years later when she had finished school that the decision was made for her…


“I was working as a waitress at a popular PE restaurant when funny-man Barry Hilton walked in. I served the table eagerly and as the night continued he told me I was wasting my time bussing tables and pushing plates and that I should be on radio. That line that I’d heard years before passed his lips- I have “a voice for radio”. Barry immediately picked up the phone and called his connection at BayFm, who agreed to give me a voice test the following day. When I arrived at the station the following day I underwent a gruelling interview and nervously read news bulletin after news bulletin in front of a microphone, which at that stage was an incredibly daunting task, and was asked to return that night for my first training shift”


The rest, as they say, is history.

Nelisa Kala has since grown from strength to strength and has MC’d events for Eddie Eksteen, Barry Hilton, Marc Lottering and several other entertainers in both the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal.

She also spent a little over a year working as the resident MC for The Boardwalk Casino in Port Elizabeth.

After two and a half years on community radio, she finally plucked up the courage to approach commercial radio stations with her demo and received an offer from East Coast Radio to take up one of their training slots.

She is still relatively new to radio but is enthusiastic and passionate and looking forward to a long and fruitful career at Durban’s No.1.


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